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At NN, our purpose is to help people care for what matters most to them. We put our resources, expertise, and networks to use for the well-being of our customers, the advancement of our communities, the preservation of our planet, and for the promotion of a stable, inclusive, and sustainable economy.

The world in which we live may change, but what really matters to people remains the same. Family, friends, love, health, home and work. Work is an important part of life. But you are more than just a colleague and that is something we understand very well at NN. Developing skills and competencies is not just the preserve of the world of work. You take something from all your roles in life. That is what makes everyone different. At NN we believe that differences are what make us better and that by bringing a set of unique talents and perspectives to the table, you contribute to what really matters. It is no coincidence that ‘You matter’ is our promise to you. You matter, in all the roles you play because what is important to you is also important to us.
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'The perfect combination of work and hobbies'

Aafke Croockewit - UX Designer, DJ and Kitesurfer


'Going to extremes to do the right thing'

Manuel Mazarredo - Auditor and Ethical Hacker

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