Employee Benefits

NN offers colleagues a good package of employment conditions, empowering them to be their best. Supporting your professional and personal growth. 

This summary shows you what NN offers in terms of employment conditions and more. Interested in more detail? You can read our employment condition overview or check out the entire CLA for NN.


An optimal work-life balance boosts your work pleasure, your productivity and enables you to reach your full potential. Our hybrid way of working and multiple leave schemes help in this respect. Read more about our special leave schemes in the employment conditions overview.


NN wants to be an attractive employer for all colleagues. This is why we have an attractive remuneration policy that not only helps us attract the talented people we need, but also helps retain them for the future. At NN you are assured that your salary is always in line with the market and is attractive. Our salaries are linked to our job framework. Every year, we review our job framework and salaries to ensure they are still in line with the market and are attractive.

Flexible working

NN has adopted a hybrid way of working, which means we combine working at the office with working from home or elsewhere. You make agreements about this with your team and your manager, and you evaluate these agreements on a regular basis. It’s never ‘one size fits all’. We consider it important that we stay connected with each other. Seeing each other regularly and having unplanned meetings and talks with colleagues inside or outside our teams helps us stay connected. 


At NN, we promote sustainable travel and focus on travelling by public transport or other sustainable means. For traveling to the office, you may opt for an NS Business Card for 2nd class travel, which you can use for commuting to your work and for making business or private trips. If you prefer to travel with your own car, you can claim the kilometres travelled for business and commuting. Do you enjoy cycling to work? At NN you get staff discounts on (electric) bicycles.


Vitality evolves around the balance between body, mind and social connection and works differently for everyone. But vitality is always about energy. Energy that recharges or challenges you to get the best out of yourself. That's why NN is committed to encouraging you to improve your vitality in your own way. With a diverse range of inspiring activities, you can take on changes and continue to develop with good health and energy.

Personal development

Everyone has their own way of learning. Some people prefer learning by doing, some learn best in a group, and others by individual training. What matters is the progress you make. NN offers a wide range of activities to support you in your development and provides a generous training budget. So get started on your development with enthusiasm and energy, now and in the future! 

Society & culture

Through our NN strategy, we want to contribute to society by working with local organisations and spending our time and expertise on making a positive impact on humanity and the planet. As a supporter of all art discoverers, NN also works with its partners to promote art and culture among a wider public.


Your pension is your income for later in life. That could be soon, or it could be years away. Either way, it is very important for you to understand how your pension works. As an insurance company, we want your pension to be secure. That's why our basic pension plan offers more than the market benchmark. Depending on your personal situation, you can choose additional insurances like the IVA pension, the WGA pension and the ANW gap pension.

We empower everyone to be their best

At NN, we believe everyone brings a set of unique talents and perspectives to the table. Together we create a culture that supports an open mindset, an independent quest for knowledge, and shared learning agility directed towards making a difference. What sets us apart is our firm belief that working together and diversity of thinking lead to better results.We listen with genuine interest, take responsibility, challenge the status quo,and share a strong drive for getting things done, while enjoying ourselves along the way.