Employee Benefits

At NN, we want to make financial services personal and relevant to our customers and we need colleagues to help us achieve this. Our appreciation of our colleagues is of course reflected in our employment terms and conditions. Below is a brief explanation of the most important aspects. If you are interested in more details, you can read the CLA for NN.

Flexible working

At NN we work hybrid. We combine working from home and working in the office. Teams can meet online or in person. You and your team agree on what suits you best. This means you can work from any location at any time, in consultation with your team. We have set up our offices in such a way that there is a suitable place for every type of work. Also part of the benefits are allowances for setting up your home office and for internet use.

Personal development

Whether you invest in your professional development for your current job or for a different job, inside or outside NN, it is vital that you keep investing in yourself. With space and confidence, you can grow in your career and as a person. We offer plenty of training and education opportunities and the autonomy to determine your own development route. You and your manager discuss your career plan and your development needs.


Vitality and well-being are the foundations of a good performance, to learn as an individual and to handle all kinds of developments. This is why NN pays a lot of attention to topics like optimal employment conditions, mitigating health risks and boosting your energy level. With a diverse range of inspiring activities like the opportunity to take two months of vitality leave once every five years, you can take on changes and continue to develop with good health and energy.


For traveling to the office, you may opt for an NS Business Card for 2nd class travel, which you can use for commuting to your work and for making business or private trips. If you prefer to travel with your own car, you can claim the kilometres travelled for business and commuting. Do you enjoy cycling to work? At NN you get staff discounts on (electric) bicycles.


Your pension is your income for later in life. NN has a modern, group pension scheme administered by BeFrank. As an employee, you are automatically a participant of NN’s basic pension plan. Depending on your personal situation, you can choose additional insurances like the IVA pension, the WGA pension and the ANW gap pension.


NN wants to be an attractive employer for all colleagues. This is why we have an attractive remuneration policy that not only helps us attract the talented people we need, but also helps retain them for the future. Your remuneration is based on a job grading system where job grades are linked to salary scales. You can find an overview of the scales in our CLA*

*Our CLA 2021-2023 is currently being updated. We will publish it as soon as possiblen.

Why work with us?

The world in which we live may change, but what really matters to people remains the same. Family, friends, love, health, home and of course work. Work is an important part of your life. But you are more than just a colleague and that is something we understand very well at NN. Developing skills and competencies is not just the preserve of the world of work. You take something from all your roles in life. That is what makes everyone different. At NN we believe that differences are what make us better and that by bringing a set of unique talents and perspectives to the table, you contribute to what really matters.