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With a job in Risk, you can really make a difference at NN. There are plenty of career opportunities and it is a versatile area. After all, we are an insurer, pension provider, bank and asset manager. We are a diverse and international organisation in a world that is constantly changing.

NN’s services and products are socially relevant and so it is vital that we weigh up decisions carefully. What we do today influences the world of tomorrow. This offers you the challenge you need.
You like getting your teeth stuck into complex economic and social issues. At Risk, we look at this from different angles: strategy and organisation, financial, operational and IT. So, your expertise is not limited to identifying and managing risks, but contributes to utilising and creating opportunities.
Working in Risk means helping to make complex matters simple, so that the company is able to make informed decisions. By advising proactively based on robust analyses and large datasets, you are the strategic business partner we are looking for. You take a controlled and managed approach to achieving business targets, while representing the interests of the customer and protecting our customers and the organisation. You have the perfect skillset for this. As a good stakeholder manager, you are empathetic, have strong analytical skills and are confident in your own abilities. You are not afraid of making choices and expressing an opposing view. You also want to stay the best in your field through lifelong learning.

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Dion Hautvast, Head of Model Validation at NN

​​​​​​Dion Hautvast and his team are responsible for Model Validation within NN. In this video Dion tells us about the challenges and his experiences in working at NN.
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slide 1 of 3 Praveen Sridharan | Global Risk Trainee and entrepreneur 'A couple of years ago, I was drinking tea with my best friend in my home country of India. We were philosophising about how we could give something back to the world. This ultimately led to a solar energy start-up. I deliberately chose to set up a company in India because I can really make a difference there. The Netherlands is way ahead when it comes to solar energy. In India, there’s still not much awareness of climate change and how we can combat it. We developed a business model to make solar energy financially more accessible.' > ​​​​​​​Read more Jolanda Roos | Manager Risk Management Team and a mountain climber My drive to achieve goals and the responsibility I feel for the team and NN mean that basically I’m always working. I do try to switch off every now and then. For example, in January this year I climbed mount Kilimanjaro. I did it on my own, but did have a team of porters and a guide. Their mission was to get me to the summit and they did it. It was an amazing experience. Life there was so simple: rucksack on, shoes on, and off you go . I can find the same feeling of peace closer to home, on the small island on the Vinkeveense lakes that I bought with my sister.  > ​​​​​​​Read more Samy Saleh | Compliance Officer, son and soccer player ‘Football has been my big passion since I was a child. It’s taught me to collaborate, communicate, win, but also lose and handle setbacks. I’m the connector in a team. As a mid-fielder, I maintain an overview and am able to persuade. My football skills also come in handy at work. As a Compliance Officer, I bring different parties and interests together, give advice and help people get on the right track. It starts with observing from the side-lines and ends with a good outcome for all stakeholders. Playing sports with a varied group of people has taught me to get on with lots of different characters. By communicating and listening carefully, I try and ensure that we are aiming for the same goal.’  > ​​​​​​​Read more