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NN Group is an insurance and asset management company active in more than 18 countries,with a strong history that stretches back 170 years. NN Group includes Nationale-Nederlanden, NN and NN Investment Partners.

At NN we want to make financial services more personal and relevant for our customers. That is why we need people like you. People who tend to look after other people, are used to taking initiative and responsibility and don’t give up before they achieve something.

NN Group offers you a traineeship in which you can progress strongly in your personal development with the right support. Together we can build something that really matters. In a working environment where you can shape your own growth and your personality, talents and ideas really matter.

The traineeship will start at the 1st of September in 2017 and consists of the following tracks:

The program will last three years in which you will fulfill two positions of 1,5 years. Since you will start immediately in a position we are looking for talents that already know what they want and can be of value immediately. In the period of 1,5 years you will thoroughly develop your talents and expertise and learn a lot from your experience. After that you will take the next step and apply your talents in an even more challenging role. This 2nd role will preferably be in another department than where you have started so you will get a better understanding of NN Group as a whole.

Learning on the job will play a significant role in your development. For this you will be coached by a manager and/or an experienced senior. A talent manager will coach you in your personal and career development during the whole program.

During the 3 years you will build up a strong network with your fellow trainees. You will learn a lot from intensive cooperation with your fellow trainees due to the diversity in backgrounds and expertise. Together you will participate in a learning journey that will be centered around personal development, problem solving, insurance, change management, innovation and so on. You will get a lot of freedom and possibilities to shape the program with your peers. We expect you to take opportunities as they arise and solve problems that you encounter.

Change leader
We challenge you to be a change leader within NN Group. This means that you will be involved with several initiatives to innovate products and processes, and also help other employees achieve this. As a change leader you will have an important role in our culture change and we expect you to apply your talents optimally for the organization.

More information about the tracks can be found at the pages where the tracks are described.

Would you like to apply and know more? You can read more about our selection process and different stages here.


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