NN Traineeship - Our Future Leaders

People who make an impact. That is what we are looking for in the NN Group Traineeship. If you are looking for a programme that can skyrocket your career at NN Group, look no further!

Why our Traineeship?
The NN Group Traineeship takes you to all levels of our organisation and gives you the opportunity to develop yourself into the professional that you want to be. With our personal approach and international opportunities, NN stands out in the world of Traineeships. And not only that, at NN there is room for something that is very important in everyone’s lives: Good old fashioned fun!

Together with a group of around 20 Trainees you will start at the first of September at one of our offices. You will develop a close bond with your fellow Trainees since you are all in the same boat together. And not only in the same boat, maybe even the same ski lift! Our Active NN Young Professional Network organises fun events and trips on a regular basis, like the yearly NN Ski Trip, pub quizzes and congresses. This, and many other fun activities make NN the dynamic employer that it is.

How does it work?
Every Trainee will be given a challenging assignment, which you will work on during your first rotation. You will have three rotations in total, with the length of each rotation depending on which track you choose to follow. It is up to you to find your next assignments, enabling you to shape your own career path.
With the General Management and Investments track you will have two rotations of 6 months and one of a year. With our Finance & Risk track all three rotations will be one year long.

Next to the work at the office, you will follow an extensive personal development programme. During your personal development journey, our trainers and your fellow trainees will challenge you in order to gain insight in who you are, what you stand for and who you want to become. Lastly we will also provide you with a personal development budget, which you can spend on trainings to develop yourself even more. The focus of this programme is you. You will become a future leader of our company by shaping your own future!

What makes a Trainee a Trainee?
NN Trainees are able to change the status quo. Flip things around. Look at other perspectives. With your strong communication skills and driven attitude you know how to make an impact within our organisation. Various colleagues will ask you for your opinion and with your proactive, inquisitive attitude you will be able to give them the solution they are looking for.

Our tracks
As mentioned briefly before, our Traineeship is divided into three tracks:

  • General Management
  • Finance & Risk
  • Investments

Watch the video below and get inspired by our trainees. They will tell you more about the traineeship and how it is to work at NN.

Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to apply for the NN Group Traineeship of the year 2020-2021. Do you have any questions? Please contact us by mail: traineeship@nn-group.com.


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