My name is Youri van Ooijen and I started my career as an intern within the Human Resource Department, this as part of my studies within the field of hospitality management. As a final part of my studies I sought an opportunity going outside my comfort zone within the human resource department. Getting an opportunity to work directly for the Global Head of Human Resources within NN Group couldn’t have been a better fit. After my first conversation with the Global Head of HR I immediately felt that she was willing to take me alongside her job in order to learn about the field of HR and all different angles to her daily job. As HR consists of many different compartments and I didn’t know any of them in detail I started off exploring the different compartments such as: executive reward, talent management, insurance international, Netherlands business, staff departments, HR services and administration, recruitment and training.

Whilst I just started the journey within the HR department the deal with Delta Lloyd became unconditional meaning that plans had to be created from a people integration perspective as well as a HR department perspective. As this is a once in a lifetime opportunity the HR director and I decided to act upon this chance and add me to the people stream workforce whom are responsible for such plans.

Another part of the internship evolved around the challenges NN faces with the rapidly changing external environment. One of the major difficulties noticed within HR is the reputation of the insurance field, making it difficult to attract young talents and millennials in order to innovate the business. The HR team is facing the difficulty of changing this reputation and therefore the view of the millennials is highly appreciated. Working together on the future of not only our business but also the culture and mindset is on top of the list in order to prepare HR for the future.

Working with all the different stakeholders and colleagues enabled me to learn, grow and develop myself both professionally and personally. Being valued and appreciated within the team creates a comfortable group to build up your career and get the best out of yourself.

At the end of my internship I got an offer to stay within NN in a different role. Therefore, as of August I joined the HR Insurance International team whom are responsible for the HR practices within the Insurance International business units. Within this team I hope to further develop my HR practice and business acumen. I look forward to the new challenge and am extremely thankful to be part of such a wonderful company!

Youri van Ooijen
Strategic Junior HR Program Coordinator Ins. Int.