In my search for a new challenge, a notification for the Inhouseday caught my eye. I became really enthusiastic as I read the descriptions of the organization and the traineeship: they seemed to fit me perfectly! What attracted me was NN’s ambition to add a ‘personal touch’ to the financial industry, and this personalized approach shined through in every contact I had with NN from that moment onwards: at the Inhouseday as well as during the different selection rounds, I was pleasantly surprised by the warm and personal approach of my future colleagues. Even though it is a large corporation, it was apparent that NN wanted to get to know me as a person, to see if my personality would fit within the organization.

I started as a Management Trainee HR on September 1. In the coming three years, I will fulfill two roles, and I am currently fulfilling my first role as an HR Consultant. I think my role is exemplary of the traineeship: I have had a lot of freedom and responsibility from the start and there is a lot of room for initiative.  As an HR consultant, I am a member of a management team,  and advise the other members on HR-related topics within the department. Not only do I experience the broad range of HR topics, I try to implement these in a strategic way. A challenging role for a HR-rookie, that is why I consider myself lucky to have my experienced colleagues to fall back on!

Within the traineeship, there is put great emphasis on personal as well as professional development. It began with an introduction week that was filled with presentations, workshops and events to get to know the company and the trainee group. Since then, we come together at monthly events to gain more insights on the different business units, or to work on our personal development. What I value about these events is that every month, different NN employees from across the business units are involved in its organization. Moreover, they blow us away with their personal and surprising approach every time, making us truly feel what ‘You matter’ is all about!

Suzanne de Wit
Trainee at NN