In April 2018 I joined Nationale-Nederlanden. With my experience in shipping, airlines and other travel & transportation domains, I always looked forward to exploring new areas and accept new challenges. I have never worked in the pension or insurance domain, so working on a completely different topic brings more challenges as well as excitement. Moreover, if a person has the right skills and mindset, a new domain should not be a barrier.

A typical working day starts with a daily standup, in which we discuss the progress on ongoing tasks, and address the impediments, if any. This standup is followed by discussions and cross functional meetings with stakeholders, in order to close actions for the day. I work in a DevOps-environment, which basically means that we take end to end responsibility of the product, right from the start until implementation, and address any shortcomings to make the product stable.

We follow the agile way of working, in which we simply aim to create a more responsive, efficient and effective organization, which ultimately improves business performance and increases customer satisfaction. We use the scrum type of agile approach, and do scrum rituals, like refinement, planning, retrospective, et cetera. For instance, biweekly on a Thursday, we do planning sessions for the upcoming sprint. All the business needs and IT enhancements are placed in the backlog.

Working as an analyst, and being part of the SAP Team Pension New Business, means that I have various responsibilities. For example analyzing the requirements for the business, understanding and analyzing these requirements and communicating the impact of any changes to all SAP teams, and determining operational objectives.

The pension domain is influenced by changing regulations. There is so much to learn on this topic as there are so many legal rules which lead to business rules. As IT provides services to multiple portals, we have to ensure that all stakeholder needs, including those of our new customers from Delta Lloyd, are addressed according to priority.

Before joining Nationale-Nederlanden, I had never logged into the Sociale Verzekeringsbank website. Now, I am more aware about pension, and how important this is. Generally, people are not aware of the importance of pension during their peak years. And they only start to think about it in later years. So, as Nationale-Nederlanden, we must find a good balance between the usage of applications among the target audience, and being creative and implementing innovative ideas considering the digital transformation. We need to ensure that our strategy and solutions cover market strategy as well as competitiveness.

I feel that the Nationale-Nederlanden working environment is pleasant, open and co-operative. My team is always ready to lend a hand, sometimes to help me understanding new terminology, sometimes to think along on my improvement ideas. Our management team has a clear focus on ensuring our wellbeing, a high team spirit, and all possible aspects to make the required steps in our personal development. The company has a clear vision. There are plenty opportunities to learn and to develop yourself. Nationale-Nederlanden is a clear match for one who has passion to grow.

Seema Pawar
IT Engineer Nationale-Nederlanden Leven