Working as a trainee at NN Group means a great rollercoaster of impressions, trainings and meeting many great new colleagues. It is just four months since I started my traineeship at the Risk department. Nevertheless I think that I already have a good first impression of NN Group. Because working at the risk department means that you are active in different areas (e.g. IT, Security, Fraud). Throughout the organization you give advice on trends and developments, and monitor existing processes. This makes my job very exciting and dynamic.

Last month I have been busy with working on a new idea for NN, together with people from Microsoft. Because working as a trainee at NN Group means that you have also the time and the opportunity to come up with (innovative) ideas. To give you an example, recently I presented a new idea, that should give employees on demand access to internal information. More important is the fact that I presented this idea to our innovation department on a Friday. The next Tuesday I already visited the Microsoft headquarters to work further on this idea, with two consultants from Microsoft. For me it clearly shows that within NN, as large corporate, you can be entrepreneurial, innovative and in that way make a difference.

Since I started as a trainee I learned a lot about working in a big company, but also about Fintech startups. This month was the start of the partnership between NN and StartupBootCamp. For four months NN will support eleven Fintech startups. During the start of this track I joined a customer development festival at StartupBootCamp. Two great days of working together with the Fintech Startups and inspiring workshops.

Your questions matter. So do you consider to work for NN, but have some further questions about the company or traineeship? Feel free to ask me or one of my colleagues.

Rogier Scholten  
General Management Trainee




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