I’ve been working at NN for a few weeks now. Before that, I worked at Delta Lloyd. The integration of both insurers also means the integration of the IT infrastructure and the safeguarding of its continuity. That is a huge challenge.

Stakeholder meetings
In order to get to know the IT infrastructure and the business, I have a lot of consultation with my direct colleagues and I attend many meetings. For example, the meeting of operational stakeholders, in which all businesses are represented. We discuss what we do for them, how they can help us and which demands come from the business.

In doing so, we work in an agile way. We focus on user stories that are on our two-weekly sprints. These stories are part of epics, such as large migrations and new features and functionalities that we will add to our infrastructure.

Omnichannel platform
My work is very divers. One moment I am working on the configuration of a new feature. Then I work on the realization of our new omnichannel platform. There, we are going to integrate all customer channels. Phone, email, web chat, input from social media. It is our job to correctly put this platform in our infrastructure and then manage it. Sometimes incidents come up. For example, the technical failure of telephony in a call center. A high priority malfunction that we have to fix immediately. Where in the chain is it going wrong? Can we solve it ourselves? Or do we have to call in a supplier and, if so, which supplier?

Added value
Our work adds value to the business. Because, among other things, we closely monitor technological developments and assess which of them might be interesting for the business. We then put these developments on our backlog.

Collegiality and conviviality
It is very pleasant to work here. I feel happy and free in my work. We all row in the same direction. And I get support from management to further develop myself. For example, if you need certain training you get the support to just do it. In addition, we get along really well with each other. That definitely showed when we went out to drink a beer to get to know each other.

Changing landscape
The landscape is constantly changing and the IT component is becoming increasingly important for the business. You can clearly see this in the development of portals. These are becoming more and more user-friendly. Just think about applying for insurance or changing a policy. This also changes the workload of our call centers. Our new omnichannel platform will ensure that all workloads come together. In this changing landscape, the biggest challenge for our company is to be flexible, pragmatic and decisive. That’s what makes my work so fascinating.


Raymond Regensburg
DevOps Engineer, NN Group