After completing my senior secondary vocational education and training in Banking and Insurance studies, I started at Nationale-Nederlanden as a Motor Insurance Underwriter. After six months, I was given a permanent contract and I’ve been with the company for over 13 years now in several roles. I’m currently enjoying working in the Business team as a Sales Support employee. The Business team acts as an information channel for ING Bank and for ING’s business customers who take out an insurance policy with NN directly. In my job in Sales Support, I’m the point of contact for ING Bank and am responsible for managing the non-life commercial lines and give information about these policies to ING customers.

It’s really important for me that I work for a company I’m proud of. The reason I’ve enjoyed working at NN for 13 years is that I feel at home here and that I can use my talents and energy in my work. There’s lots of challenges in my job and I’m given the opportunity to develop personally and professionally. NN encourages employee development and this is reflected in the regular discussions you have with your manager. This was also the case for me and four years ago I decided to start a part-time higher professional education course. It was now or never. So now it was. But what course should I do? There are so many, but which would be right for me? My manager advised me to look at a career as a coach and to research what direction I wanted to pursue. No sooner said than done and it made things clear to me. I decided to take a part-time course in Applied Psychology and last academic year I passed my exams.

During my course, Nationale-Nederlanden offered me the option of carrying out my study assignments internally and externally. I was able to do my final project in the Call Team of NN Corporate. The assignment involved developing and giving a training course. I developed a training course that enabled the Call staff to optimise their digital and speaking skills in relation to the Security package.

It was hard work and it gave me a real kick to finally receive my diploma after four years. I am hugely proud of what I achieved! I can make good use of the knowledge I gained in my work by developing training courses for ING Bank so that they can improve how they offer our insurance package to their customers.

For me, it’s really important to continue with your personal development and it’s definitely something I want to pursue further. It’s important for me to do things that give me energy and that make me happy. I see enough challenges at a large organisation like NN over the next few years.

Perihan Halis
Sales Support staff