Working as Head of Facility Management for NN Group means running my own business. Of course our department is part of  a big organization but there are no other teams or units working on similar topics or with the same services. Facility management is not part of our core business but literally a facilitator for all our colleagues. On one hand this makes it easy to decide ourselves upon new initiatives and projects. On the other hand, all of our colleagues are ‘users’ of facility management, so our services need to be perfect so they can work in the most efficient way possible. Our mission is to provide every NN employee with an inspiring working environment. This concerns not only the workspace itself but the whole employee journey.

Integration NN and Delta Lloyd
The last few months I have been working on the integration of two totally different FM organizations, NN and Delta Lloyd, orange and blue. It is a challenge to mix two different company cultures into one and to deal with people’s feelings of loss on the Delta Lloyd brand. The FM representatives are often the front and the backside of the house and therefore they are the first line of comment for other colleagues. This applies both in a positive and in a negative way. I am confident that a positive change will come out of this and that our FM organization will be even stronger and better after the integration.

My career path
Since I started my career at NN Group 11 years ago I learned a lot about people and change. And about pensions, not to be forgotten! I have worked in several departments, joining NN at my 30th after 6 years of management consultancy, as manager Product management in the pensions department. Here I have had the opportunity to develop new digital pension products with my team which was – at that time – a revolution. It took a lot of time, patience, stakeholder alignment and rethinking over and over again. This was an important lesson in change management.

My second and third job at NN were in the Marketing and Commerce department for the Corporate Clients market. After having been able to design and develop new pension products I was very lucky to also have the opportunity to market and sell them! After almost 9 years of making my ‘round’ in Pensions I was ready for something totally different. Maybe even outside of the company. By that time, now approximately 2 years ago, I had the ambition to lead a whole chain, for example operations, marketing and sales for a certain product or service stream, not necessarily inside the company.

Running a ‘business within a business’
Most important for me in a job was, and still is, to be able to live up to my personal values fun, love (care) and meaning.  At that time the opportunity for Head of Facility Management came along. I felt that running this ‘business within a business’ was exactly the job for me. After my consultancy career and different jobs at NN it was really nice that not only my Msc in business but also my previous Bachelor of hotel administration title was relevant and applicable for this role.

In the outside world I would never have been appointed for this job because of the lack of experience in this area. However, NN gave me the opportunity based on my competencies and drive shown the years before in totally different functions. This is one of the many things that makes our company special!

Mirjam van den Brand
Head of Facility Management