The field of Finance covers a wide area. There are lots of options available. So, while I was studying for my master’s in finance, I asked myself: where do I start? And in what kind of role? A recruitment event led me to a finance traineeship at Delta Lloyd around three years ago. The traineeship was a real eye-opener for me: I was able to gain experience in various, complex finance roles and was fascinated by the dynamic insurance product and the competitive insurance market. The traineeship also focussed a lot on my personal development.

Delta Lloyd and Nationale-Nederlanden have merged since then and I work as a Business Controller at Nationale-Nederlanden Non-life. My work consists of analysing figures. We discover patterns we can use to manage the business. So, we find that a specific portfolio is increasing in size, but that the profit is not keeping pace, for example because of a large number of claims. Or that portfolios are emptying. I find the combination of statistical analysis and strategy challenging.

Some of my work is repetitive, which is typical of finance roles. Just think of monthly, quarterly or annual reports, which involve looking back and my work is essentially fixed. In the weeks in between, we look ahead and the work is really varied. From a finance perspective, we look for example at how the market develops. We talk to the business about the market launch of a new proposition. Or about the question of how we can cut back on costs and boost efficiency. We use a business case to establish whether or not to outsource specific services. Or we set budgets for the years ahead.

I’m noticing that the finance role is changing. We currently spend a lot of time on analyses to establish whether we’re in control. Thanks to advanced automation, these processes are running quicker and quicker. Soon, we’ll have up-to-date data on a daily basis, which will give us much more time to spend on our role as strategic partner for the business.

Nationale-Nederlanden offers finance experts very wide-ranging and challenging opportunities. In our company you’ll find a bank, an asset manager, a non-life business and a pension business. Added to this, Nationale-Nederanden is a very professional organisation with lots of specialist knowledge and many highly qualified colleagues who give you the chance to develop. The collaboration between young people and colleagues who’ve been here for a while is very dynamic and works well. I’m pleased that I work here.

Marleen Biesjot
Business Controller, Nationale-Nederlanden Non-life