Are you an experienced IT engineer or IT graduate? Then you might not think of NN Group as a challenging and exciting working environment. Let me share my story with you and then judge for yourself.

I studied Computer Science and graduated as MSc in Software Engineering about ten years ago and through a consultancy firm I started to work for the Mortgages Change & IT department at Nationale-Nederlanden.

Being a smart-ass
Second week at NN. Lunch with a senior IT manager. Late. Where is the room? Found it. Room full of people. Clearly too late. Red blush on my face. Senior manager says: “We are working with cutting edge ‘high-tech’ technology”. “High-tech, get out. Really?”, I found myself saying, while looking for a good sandwich to eat. Now the senior manager got a red blush on his face, and started to fire a lot of arguments at me (one of which concerning arriving late & being a smart-ass). I still remember this moment to this day.

It reminds me of two things. First, is that regarding ‘high-tech’, we were both right. I was  a little bit more right of course; in insurance or financial sectors at that time no Shazam apps were being developed. However, NN does offer complexity in terms of bringing together architectures, technologies and ways-of-working of several generations (NN provides, amongst others, mortgages and life insurances to customers that engaged 30, 40 or 50 years ago!). So, high complexity indeed, which requires smart and high-tech solutions to crack and solve these complex issues.

Secondly, this reminds me that I really like to change existing mindsets and ways-of-working, and that this actually is a good thing :). In search of solving complex problems I have been moving from the domains of mortgages, banking Finance & Risk, banking treasury to customer intelligence.

Star Trek
Data. Star Trek has always been fascinating to me, and so BIG Data got my attention about 4 years ago. With a multidisciplinary team of big data believers within NN we are trying out all types of data storage, visualization and explorations products. For example: bringing weather forecasts and Dutch soccer play schemes into the equation in estimating daily service calls on our insurance products.

From rainy forecasts in the Netherlands to the snowy surroundings of Warsaw, Bucharest and Prague, where NN also operates. Working with different cultures in different countries, data driven decisions and ensuring that the right technology is put in place in the local context. The “usual “ complexity and the international component. I love it.

Clouds.. the source of rain and snow, but also the source of mobile and accessible content everywhere. Since 2016 I am responsible, with a great team of engineers, for setting up one of the target cloud platforms at NN Group. NN is in the frontline of public cloud movers within the financial sector in Europe. Security. Compliance. New technology. Standardizing at large scale. Working with several international IT teams to leverage on the huge benefits on the horizon.

So.. What do you think? Is NN a challenging and exciting company to work for? I definitely think it is!

Marco Glorie
Product Owner Azure
CIO / Cloud Services & Hosting