I joined NN (well, ING Insurance back then) in February 2007. And I’ll tell you why I made that choice.

When I graduated in Computer Science at the Warsaw University in Poland I started my career working in consulting, which was interesting work but after two years I decided to seek a new employer. I wanted an employer that could challenge me in my work and would offer growth opportunities, but also an employer that allowed for a good work-life balance. NN turned out to be that perfect choice…and I’m still here after 10 years!

I started my NN career working in the IT team of ING Insurance & Pension Poland. After three years I got the chance to move to the Solvency II team, to support our Central European businesses in implementing the Solvency II directive. In this new role I shared my time between Prague and Amsterdam which meant hectic times but I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot along the way.

And then in 2011 I took over the Application Development & Maintenance department for Central Europe to support and further develop central Finance and Risk solutions. In addition to that, I established a web security team which allowed me to learn more about cyber security.

Two years passed and I moved to the NN International team to pilot innovative IT solutions in Commerce in a global sales transformation program, where I had a chance to learn best practices of running successful sales force and pilot innovative IT solutions to support it.

In January 2015 I took my next challenge as a Chief Information Officer of NN Re – the NN Reinsurance & Hedging company. This time the role was based in The Hague,  where I moved with my wife and kids. The role brought many refreshing challenges, e.g. balancing agility with high availability of our systems used for hedging across multiple time zones. Joining such a young, dynamic and diverse (25+ nationalities) organisation as NN Re gave me a lot of new energy too.

After 10 years with NN, I continue to enjoy the dynamics of the group and the opportunities for working with great people in various functions across many countries on complex problems. I had a chance to work on all kind of IT solutions in numerous business areas, too – from CRM and claims handling to sales portals to risk and finance reporting to hedging. Never a dull moment for someone who loves learning new things every day.

Maciej Osinski
CIO at NN Re