I started my new job at NN on the 1st of April. I was curious as I approached the reception desk to register for an onboarding morning. I didn’t think it was an April Fool’s joke, but wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. And what about afterwards? What would my colleagues and the culture of the organisation be like?

The event was more than I had expected. Of course, we had the oath or pledge and lots of historical and information about NN, but what I was really happy about was the focus on the employee. The values of ‘you matter’ and ‘we care, we are clear, we commit’ apply not only to the customer, but also to the employees. It’s really positive that there’s a focus on how we interact with one another. My head was full of information, instructions and values when after the event I was met with a warm welcome from my new colleagues. It was a good start.

The introduction period was well organised. Time had been set aside to explain data and selection and campaign software and beyond that, questions were always answered helpfully. Because I know that investing enough in onboarding is not a given, it’s something I really appreciate. I felt part of the team straight away. Once I had finished my onboarding, I started work on data analyses and selections and on building campaigns for customer communication.

As well as my day-to-day work, I also had time for other things during the initial period, such as a festival party, which everybody attended in fancy dress and had a great evening. Or a pub quiz, which everybody took very seriously and did their best to win. And of course, there’s the sporty side of NN, but I need to train for that first.

Now that I’ve been with NN for a couple of months, I can say that after the onboarding, I’ve had a smooth landing and am keen to find out what the next stage of my NN journey will look like.

Maaike Bouma
Data Analyst Marketing Intelligence