I have been working at NN for about 3.5 years now. First as an external employee, and now as an internal employee with a permanent contract. Our DevOps team develops and manages the NN App. The thing I really like is that you get a lot of responsibility. If an update of our app needs to go to the stores, I guide the whole process. Is the app error-free? Is it safe? But at Nationale-Nederlanden we think you should be able to do more than one thing. That’s why I’m now also involved in analyzing and testing new functionalities. For example, the possibility to report damages through our app. Because for that you shouldn’t need a website at all. I’m also learning how to program and already have been working on small user stories recently.

A varied job
My work day is very varied. In the morning we check the state of the releases and what needs to be done. In addition, I coach my colleagues. ‘How do you do such a release? What should you pay attention to? What should you test? And how do you get the app into the store?’

After that we have our daily standup meeting at the scrum board. The board indicates what we have to do, which tasks have priority, what we are currently doing and what has been completed. I try to manage this, as a whole, in the right direction. We work in an agile way in scrum sessions of two weeks. Our rule of thumb: whatever we have done in those two weeks we try to release it.

In the afternoon I often work on the analysis and development of new features. In principal our team only works at the front of the app. But, of course, we need data to fill the app with information. For example, we need data about the saving accounts of our customers. We also have to check whether that data is suitable for the app, or whether something else has to be done with it.

Taking initiative is rewarded
Due to the large variety of activities here you can develop your skills broadly. That makes working at Nationale-Nederlanden so exciting and challenging. The company really encourages your own development. If you take the initiative, you will get plenty of room to do a lot of different types of work.

Towards a real engineering culture
The colleagues in my team are young and very sociable. They all absolutely have the right mindset to just get things done. No time for nonsense. We want to work in an agile and devops way. But we are not there yet. Nationale-Nederlanden has a wonderful challenge ahead for new colleagues who would like to contribute to the development of a real engineering culture.


Laura Janssen
DevOps Engineer at Nationale-Nederlanden