This year, I celebrated my ten-year anniversary at NN. Well, not just NN, because I started at ING. As a result of the separation of the bank and insurance businesses, we became NN and also relocated from Amsterdam to The Hague. Although it meant a much longer journey into work for me (I live in Zaanstreek, in Noord-Holland), I decided to move with the business because I just love my job and the company!

In those ten years, no one year has been the same. Exciting things happen every year. As a secretary, I’ve always been lucky to be involved in everything. So, you know what’s going on and what needs extra focus. That’s what also makes it really special. You don’t work for just one manager any more, it’s more of a collaboration. How great it is that partly because of my influence, engagement and enthusiasm, I’m able to help my manager to be successful. But it’s not something you do on your own. Everybody is good at something and has their own talents. If you can combine those talents, you’re a good team and together you can achieve a lot.

2017 was definitely a year to celebrate. First of all, I’ve been working in the greatest job for 25 years, and on top of that, in April, I was also voted ‘Secretary of the year’. I genuinely believe that one of the reasons I won was because of all the things I’ve experienced in recent years. You take each experience on board and it makes you who you are.

By winning the title, I’ve met so many new, nice and lovely people, with the “highlight” being the start performer lunch at Paleis Noordeinde with King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima. What an experience!

I really enjoy everything that comes along, at work and at home with my own team. Together with my husband and daughter, we are a tight unit of three, just a fantastic base that makes me so happy. For me, it’s really important that you can be who you are and that’s what I feel at NN. I have the freedom to make my job as great as it currently is. I still enjoy every day!

Kelly Moerbeek
Executive Assistant to Global Head of HR