I started as a Risk Trainee at Delta Lloyd Bank (now Nationale-Nederlanden Bank) in September 2017. I’m part of a scrum team of around ten people. Scrum is something you see a lot in IT, but we use it too. We start the day with our daily stand-up. We take 15 minutes to talk about what we’ve done, what our plans are, what we’ve come up against and what we need help with.

Our scrum team is working on the implementation of RiskPro for NN Bank. RiskPro is a software system that makes the life of a risk expert slightly easier. The system shows what the current financial position is and can provide a forecast for the next few years. This means that we can monitor whether outstanding mortgages and the capital we hold are balanced. It’s easy to play with variables and immediately see the consequences. The system can therefore quickly and easily reveal where more stability may be needed.

Small events can have a major impact
We could do business without risk management, but then you’re not being sustainable or stable and you’d be very vulnerable. There are quite simply too many risks. Small events, such as a sudden fall or rise in interest rates, can have a major impact, which makes it important to manage the risks. This is the only way to absorb changes and sustain your business.

Crazy about numbers
The funny thing is that I wasn’t specifically looking for a risk role. In the spring of 2017, I took part in a Delta Lloyd In-house day. Risk appealed to me straight away because you can contribute to the business on a quantitative level. I’m crazy about numbers, data, formulas and calculations and so I have an aptitude for figures – a quality that’s really useful in risk. And the atmosphere was excellent, which is why I decided to apply. The traineeship is a fantastic opportunity to gain experience. Over the two-year traineeship, you’re given three assignments. I’m working on my first assignment at the moment. I can decide myself which other assignments to take on later, which will be a challenge as there are so many directions  to take. I’m currently working at NN Bank, but later I could easily work at Life or Non-Life or the NN Group head office if I want to.

Data analysis and machine learning
On my next assignment, I’d like to do something with data analysis and machine learning, converting data into valuable information. Big data is set to play an increasingly important role in society and we need to  act on it. Data sometimes has a negative connotation. For example, using data can be at the expense of privacy, but data allows us to discover patterns, make models and anticipate potential trends and risks in the market. Risk management is still often determined by rules and laws. That’s good, but it is also traditional. I think that big data will enrich our work.

This is my first job. Nationale-Nederlanden is a great company to work for and I have gotten  many opportunities. It’s interesting to find out how such a large organisation works. It’s also useful to see how everybody has their own targets and how you can still achieve great results in such a playing field. I can highly recommend  anyone who’s thinking about becoming a trainee to apply!.

Joyce Mank
Risk Trainee, NN Bank