There is only one Nationale-Nederlanden employee ..… who works on security at the press centre and for the Feyenoord players in her spare time. My name is Jenny van der Hor and I work in the Intermediary Non-life call centre. I help intermediaries and private customers on the telephone with all kinds of questions about non-life insurance, but I also jump in to help colleagues in need as a company emergency response team member.

When I was 18, I decided on a career in the care sector: caring for others is part and parcel of who I am. But I made the switch to administration and insurance when it became clear that there was scarcely any room for human contact in the care sector. I kept a keen interest in first aid. I’ve consistently expanded my knowledge and experience and now – in addition to my work in the call centre – I’m head of the Employee emergency response team at one of NN’s locations. As well as this, every two weeks, I’m responsible for security at the press centre and for the Feyenoord players.

The thread that runs through my life will be obvious: helping others. That’s where I get my energy. Every day on the phone and in my voluntary work in rehearsing emergency situations by realistically playing the role of a victim of an accident. It’s great fun to do. The last time I did it was during an evacuation exercise at the ADO stadium. It’s really useful for security guards and the emergency services and I find it relaxing.

There are major parallels between my work and home life. To be personable and relevant and to be there for others. It’s not just something I do at Nationale-Nederlanden, but also in my work in in-house security at the Feyenoord stadium. It means service with a smile, focusing on the customer, being friendly to customers, being helpful, working within my capabilities, being solution-driven and willing to look for solutions. I help others as I’d want them to help me.

Recently, the process for requesting non-life insurance was changed. It’s a great example of what NN’s strategy has enabled. Listening to the intermediaries and offering solutions. That’s what I work on every day: being helpful, offering good service and solving a problem myself straight away, every day in all possible areas. Because if I see an unsafe situation at work, such as a blocked emergency exit, I solve it immediately. Well, once a security guard, always a security guard, isn’t that right?


Jenny van der Hor
Telephone Adviser Call Centre