I’ve been with Nationale-Nederlanden for just over two years now at the cutting edge of business and IT: I ensure that all IT changes are implemented smoothly in the business and are used in the right way.

I used to work as a Business Intelligence Consultant. The vacancy at Nationale-Nederlanden really appealed to me. What I’m really interested in is implementation projects: I enjoy mobilising people and involving them in a change. That’s what I do here now every day.’

My work is very varied; no day is the same and my work is never routine. For example, I consult with various internal stakeholders, such as the product owner of a scrum team, so that I know what the teams are working on and what changes are coming. But I also talk to the business, about communicating the change, for example, or about the question of whether a change requires training and demos, for whom, about what and when?

I’m currently working on a great assignment. Next year, we’ll have a large number of pension contract renewals. That means that we have to ensure that all the affected employers can receive a proposal and that the renewal is properly administered. Of course, this process has to run flawlessly and play a part in the employers remaining Nationale-Nederlanden customers. On the one hand, I’m involved in IT: it’s interesting to see what the changes in the system will look like. On the other hand, I am energised by a properly implemented change, with users knowing exactly how to deal with the changes.

In general, it’s a challenge to bring IT and the business closer and closer together and to have them work together better. The need to be in daily contact to be able to push through changes properly and to deliver what the customer needs. I am also seeing that IT is becoming more and more important in our business. IT is indispensable if we are to work more smartly, flexibly and efficiently and to be able to respond faster to changes in the market. That’s why we’re raising the profile of agile working in our business.

Nationale-Nederlanden is becoming an increasingly flat organisation. With an open culture, in which a lot of value is attached to initiative, education and development. With enthusiastic and smart people who are willing to work hard without losing sight of the work-life balance, but where there’s also plenty of scope for social interaction: for a lunch, a drink or a team day. The atmosphere in our department is informal and everybody is there for each other. I thrive in an organisation like this in which you’re given freedom and responsibility and where it’s about the quality of your work. It gives me a relaxing and good feeling.

Germieke Stoop
Project lead Business Change
C&IT Pension New Business, Nationale-Nederlanden Life