Employment law, recruitment, training, sustainable employability. These are just a few of the subjects I study in my Human Resource Management course at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. I’m in my second year now. To learn about the HR profession in practice, I’m doing a six-month internship at Nationale-Nederlanden.

I’m supporting the company-wide Onboarding desk in The Hague. This department is responsible for the intake, progression and outflow of all external staff working here temporarily, such as temporary and seconded staff. The work ranges from entering data in HR systems to requesting access passes and laptops. Every month, we organise an Onboarding day for all new external staff. During the day, Nationale-Nederlanden professionals speak about their specialist area and there’s also somebody to talk about the company.

The work is really varied. I can work independently but we also have a lot of meetings of course. For example, I get to join the weekly Resource management team meeting, which is really interesting. And not just because it teaches me a lot about the HR profession, but also because I get to find out more and more about the business. I also have a weekly meeting with my internship supervisor. It’s a great opportunity for me to say exactly what’s going well and where there’s room for improvement.

I chose an internship at Nationale-Nederlanden because I wanted to work at a large commercial organisation. Nationale-Nederlanden came across as very professional and successful. My mentor confirmed that Nationale-Nederlanden was a good place to do an internship and encouraged me to take a look. The application process was exactly as I’d expected: fast and professional.

What makes this internship so enjoyable are the colleagues who are genuinely interested in me and are happy to answer all my questions. That’s really important because I want to learn a lot from my internship. There’s plenty scope for this. Thanks to the flexi-desk policy, you can choose where you work. It’s really inspiring. It makes it easy to meet new people and learn new things. Added to this, initiative is valued. If I ask recruiters whether I can spend an afternoon shadowing them, they’re only too happy for me to join them.

So, I can certainly recommend Nationale-Nederlanden as a place to do an internship. You really are given the freedom to find out what you enjoy and what you’d like to develop further. I enjoy it here so much that I’ll be joining the team as a temporary employee for two weeks in the summer.

Farah Zanganeh 
HR Intern