In February 2017 I started my internship at the HR department in the Leadership, Talent & Organisational Development team. Since then it has been an amazing journey! NN is an ideal place to acquire hands-on experience and apply the knowledge I acquired from my Master’s studies in Positive Organisational Psychology. By being part of the Leadership, Talent & Organisational Development team I am cooperating with very talented, multicultural people in the latest trends of Human Resources Management.

My urge to learn, grow, and develop both personally and professionally allow me to explore and cover new ground within the company. At NN I am experiencing that human capital is of paramount importance. NN Group’s honesty and transparency is reflected in the company’s values: care, clear, commit. The dynamics and the fast-paced environment that NN offers allow me to challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone. The organisational climate nurtures trust between and within its employees. Here at NN, I feel that I am encouraged to apply out-of-the-box thinking as the organisation strives for innovativeness and agility.

My team makes me feel valued and appreciated. I have countless opportunities to use my input and express my ideas and this comes with a great deal of autonomy. My daily tasks require an eye for detail and proactivity considering what I need to coordinate projects, events and bring about new ideas in the areas of Engagement and Performance Management. The vast range and the diversity of my tasks keep me motivated and constantly curious. I have the chance to focus on my strengths, develop them and implement them on a daily basis. I am honoured to be a part of the organisation!

Evangelia Vasileiou
HR Intern – Leadership, Talent & Organisational Development