When asked to write about our initial experience as trainees at NN, we started questioning ourselves regarding how to start. One thing clearly came to mind! What is the question we get all the time as a Greek and Brazilian at NN? Easy: ‘Why did you leave such a sunny country to work here?!’ Honest answer, we didn’t. We were already studying in the Netherlands and considering what next step to take. As internationals, any country was under the radar, even though we had grown fond of this place. NN in the end is what kept us here. Our job roles seemed challenging, the company diverse and internationally relevant, and what was best, the people had a strong personal approach that completely differentiated NN from the other financial companies we had in mind. This personal approach showed that the company cares about its clients and employees, and motivated us to make this important decision of staying in the Netherlands to kick-start our professional careers.

Once inside NN, we experienced, from day one, a truly dynamic work environment. We met each other during the traineeship introduction week, where we had the opportunity to create, aside from the professional relationship, a real bond – friendship. After that, off we were to work at different locations around the company. Dimitrios spends most of his time in Rotterdam, while Lucas is usually in The Hague. Luckily enough, NN’s flexible working culture means that working remotely is part of our DNA, which allows us to be productive in The Hague, Rotterdam, home, or even Brazil and Greece when circumstances allow for it. This flexibility allows for not just changing the background scenario a bit, but also working and interacting with people from different countries and cultures. After all, you should not forget that NN is present in more than 18 countries, which highlights the multicultural environment and versatile philosophy that are reflected in our daily working life.

When it comes to our roles inside NN, you would say that they are as different as our cultures. Lucas works as an IT trainee, while Dimitrios serves NN from a Finance trainee position. Interestingly enough though, we were both assigned projects concerning IFRS 17; a major upcoming change with tremendous implications for the Insurance industry. Despite not working in the same department, not even places, still it is amazing to know that whenever we need an extra opinion on the IT or Finance aspects of our projects, we can always contact each other, grab a coffee and exchange thoughts. Put it differently, we cover each other’s back, which is no different from the way of working at NN. If you would like to experience this comradery as well and be part of the NN family, then do not hesitate to apply for one of our available positions and join us.

Dimitrios Chasapopoulos & Lucas Hergl Magalhaes
Trainees at NN