It is nearly seven years ago since I applied for a job as a Market Risk Manager at NN’s head office, straight out of university. The separation from its big brother, ING, and the challenges involved in implementing the new Solvency II legislation seemed to offer me the best start in what is still a new career to me as an actuary. And the reality has far exceeded my expectations.

Project abroad
As a new graduate, NN offered me guidance and opportunities from the get-go. There are many opportunities for personal development, such as training courses and coaching. NN also gives me the chance to develop outside of work. NN believes that a good work/life balance is important. For example, I’ve enjoyed working in a youth camp organisation for many years now and I’ve always managed to combine it with my work.
After a number of years in various Risk roles at the head office, I got the opportunity to work on a project abroad. This is absolutely a great example of the  benefits of working as a professional at a large company.

I’ve been working in the Life business unit for two years now as an actuary in the Financial Risk team. In the team, I’m responsible for the risk reports and for calculating the financial buffers that NN is required to hold for more difficult times. I make a direct contribution to NN’s financial health. It is great to see that the figures and analyses we prepare as a team actually have an impact on the direction of our business. You really get the feeling that you are more than a small cog in a large wheel.

New challenges in the future
What always strikes me is that I encounter excellent professionals and experts all across NN. NN recognises the importance of and values expertise and know-how. This is hardly surprising given the complex world in which NN works. Every day, we encounter complex issues, which makes my day-to-day work fun and challenging. Another benefit is that I constantly feel that I have more to learn and I can always take on something new. The future is set to bring a lot of new challenges for me and for my colleagues. NN does business in a market that is rapidly changing. Issues such as the consequences of low interest rates, changing lifestyles or the impact of globalisation will continue to give me more than enough challenges in my work.

David Six

Senior Actuary at NN Life