Sense & Surprise

It has been almost one and a half year since I started as an IT Management Trainee at NN but it feels like only yesterday. This rollercoaster ride, scratch that, this Rocket launch that I’ve experience within this company is something that I couldn’t have fathomed beforehand.
In the first few week of my traineeship I was astonished about the vastness of the corporation that is NN, the amount of people, (business)units, systems, applications and the interrelatedness between these aspects that makes this company stand out. During these first few weeks my image of large (financial) corporations changed dramatically.  At first, I thought that financial services was an individualistically, ambitious driven, cold place. However, I experienced the exact opposite. Friendliness, warmth and companionships were the key elements of my new working environment. Ever since, I don’t only feel appreciated for my professional skills but I feel at home.

Be more you & Blast-off

NN resides in an ever changing environment. An environment where IT is key, flexibility is a must and innovation the way forward. However, it’s also an environment where regulation is strictly and current business models are under constant scrutiny. The rapid change and extreme volatility of this playing field makes it for me as an IT Management Trainee the perfect environment to develop rapidly towards the best I can be.
On the one hand I’m taking a deep-dive in the most advance and complex IT components by trainings and on-the-job experience. From the architectural interconnectedness of all business units, to leveraging data from NN’s business warehouse by means of the most advanced Business Intelligence applications. Keeping up with the latest innovations and technologies is key and seeing opportunities to implement this within NN keeps me at the top of my game.

While on the other hand, as part of the traineeship, I have the privilege to develop soft skills and techniques in fields such as leadership and entrepreneurship. These critical aspects provides me to the  means to transform and implement vision and strategy on a structural basis. Combining in-depth technological knowledge with techniques to inspire and lead provides me the means to excel in the areas that are most relevant for me and makes development personal. It has allowed me to make clearer choices, take development into my own hand and accelerate learning tenfold.

Develop & Deliver

At NN development comes hand in hand with delivering. In my first role as IT Management Trainee I was assigned the role as a project & change manager within the department Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing. Primarily the job offered me hands-on strategical, tactical and operational experience on the following themes:

  • Bridging the gap between IT and Business by creating a vision, strategy and the roadmap to deliver real value linking IT to business development. I learned how to transform an overarching vision into tangible first steps to fulfill this vision.
  • Resourcing & management of an international Request for Change team in an Agile environment. By using the Agile methodology and applying this framework to a versatile team of engineers across the globe I learned how to structure a team process and leverage individual capabilities.
  • Implementing and sustaining the newest Business Intelligence tools within the current IT landscape. It showed me the importance of learning and translate innovation towards the current business situation.

I have had the honor to experience firsthand what it means to work for a company as NN. Although the learning curve is extraordinary I would say that the colleagues make the absolute difference. My manager who believed in me and supported me in my choices and had my back when I came across a hurdle. My team who took the time and patience to help me understand the playing field. The (new) colleagues that I meet and are eager to make a difference.

The previous year and a half has been one hell of a ride. It has showed me my potential, the potential of my fellow colleagues but most of all it has showed me that I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

Daan de Graaf
IT Management Trainee