Would you like to be a trainee at NN? Information about what to expect during the selection process you can find down below.

*  We would like to point out that the selection process for our traineeship is closed. More information about the start of our next traineeship will folow as soon as possible. We therefore advise you to keep an eye on this website. *


The selection process
If you would like to start in the NN traineeship it is important to complete this selection process successfully. We value the personality of our applicants and find it very important to get to know you once you apply. We want to find out how you can be of added value for NN and especially our customers. Also, we want to make sure you get to know NN. This will help us decide if you are a suitable candidate and, equally important, it will help you decide if you want to continue your application with us. Apart from certain basic criteria such as a Masters degree, we will focus on you as an individual. We would like to invite you to do the same and to include this in your application.

Stage 1: The NN Talent Pitch
The Talent Pitch is an online application game. Through this game we offer you the ability to get to know our company better, and you will get a better picture of our traineeship. At the same time, we will use the results of the Talent Pitch to decide whether we see a match and if we think you will be successful in our traineeship. The NN Talent Pitch consists of the following components;

  • We ask for your personal data and additional questions to get to know you as a person a bit better
  • We give you more information about NN
  • You play a brain game in which we test your intelligence. This game includes three different games that challenge both the cognitive and problem solving abilities. Prior to this section you will get the possibility to practice.
  • You make a personality test in which we test if your personality fits our company and traineeship.
  • You play an online game in which we give you an impression of the work and assignment during our traineeship. We are especially curious about how you would react in these situations.
  • We ask you to upload your CV (important note: without photo).

Before starting, it is good to know the things mentioned below:

  • Duration of the Talent Pitch is about 1.5 hours.
  • If needed you can log in and out of the portal, and continue your application at any given time. Keep in mind, after finishing the test, you will not be able to go back or edit your answers.
  • Concerning all videos please make sure that your sound is working
  • A successful completion of this Talent Pitch is necessary to possibly make it to the next step in our selection process. Please make sure you are in a comfortable and quiet environment when you kick off this assignment.
  • After uploading your CV (without photo) at the final step, you can immediately dive into your report. The results will also be sent to us, and we will contact you no later than 12 April.

Stage 2: Interview with two NN-employees
In this stage we will invite you to the NN office to have an interview with two NN-employees. We find it very important that both the applicant and the NN-employees have an equal role in this interview. Please do not hesitate to ask questions and just be yourself!

Stage 3: NN Talent Selection Day
If you are through to the next stage, you will be invited to the Talent Selection Day. Please have a look below to see the possible moments to apply for this internship. During this day you will be invited to take part in a challenging program with various assignments. These assignments are designed so that we can get an even clearer image of you and your motivation to come and work for NN. Please note: if we have still positions available after the first Talent Selection Days, then we possibly organize another Talent Selection Day.

Application Deadline                            Talent Selection Day

April 9, 2017                                                   3 and 4 May, 2017

April 30, 2017                                                 June 6, 2017

May 28, 2017                                                  June 26, 2017

 Stage 4: Final interview with (senior) managers
In this last round you will have your last interview with two (senior) managers of the position you may possibly start. Again, also in this round we find it very important to get to know you as an individual and your personal motivation to work for NN. You will also be invited to share your opinion on the Insurance business and current relevant case. Next to that, you will go more in depth in the function in which you possibly start.

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