The Risk Traineeship is one of the tracks in which you can start as a trainee within NN Group. This track is for students with a quantitative background who want to apply their analytical skills in the field of Risk. Risk is at the heart of an insurance company so there are many opportunities for you. With the help of diverse models you will analyze financial risks, actuarial risks, insurance risks and/or market risks and provide management with clear advice in for instance pricing, product development or hedging. This can both be done in the business and at head office.


Typical roles in which you could possible start are:

  1. As an Enterprise Risk trainee; you are working on financial risk analysis and project- and stakeholder management.
  2. As a Capital Management trainee; you will assist in actuarial and capital tasks and topics, by making calculations and analyzing developments. You will develop technical skills in the field of solvency calculations, asset valuation and pricing, regulatory rules, liquidity prognoses.
  3. As a Pricing and Hedging trainee; you are responsible for the first line Risk management activities. You’re responsible for the profitability and (manage) the risk of the products sold and designed.

This track is open for international students with a sufficient level of the English language. But for one of the positions you also need to speak Dutch.


Trainee profile

  • You have a quantitative Masters-degree (or you expect to graduate in the coming months);
  • You like working with numbers and are able to understand Risk in a financial institution quickly and thoroughly;
  • You have a maximum of 2 years work experience from the moment you graduated;
  • You have significant experience in extracurricular activities. This can be in both a leadership role and in other roles. As long as you clearly show what added value you have had in various situations;
  • You have significant analytical experience;
  • You are ambitious to get the best out of yourself and to develop yourself towards senior roles;
  • You have a strong self-awareness and you know what you want;
  • You have well developed communication skills;
  • You have a proactive attitude that shows from your extracurricular activities. (top sports, entrepreneurship, committees, work experience);
  • You are result driven (even when confronted with resistance);
  • You show personality;
  • You are fluently in English. And for one of the positions you also need to speak Dutch.


Would you like to apply and know more? 

For more information about the application process, please visit this page.


Experience trainee

My name is Tycho and I work as a Risk Manager in the Risk Management department of NN Life. In here I have different tasks such as assumption setting, the development of Risk Models, and the review of the product approvals. I started within the traineeship of NN as a Risk Trainee almost two years ago.

What I have been positively surprised about when I started here is how fast you are really able to add value, within your function, towards your department but also to the company as a whole. Whenever you see an opportunity for improvement, it is up to you to identify the issue, come with a plausible solution and continue with the actual execution. By doing this, I have been able to do many new interesting challenging task that were both inside but also outside my own department.

One of the advantages of working at a big company as NN is that there are plenty of future career opportunities within the organization. Especially the risk function is heavily represented throughout the whole company. This also makes that after your first job there are still plenty of directions to go to. Both within the Netherlands, but also within the other business units of NN. For example, I just came back from a couple of months abroad in our business unit of Hungary.

Starting within the traineeship of NN has been a great experience for me. As you get a complete introduction throughout the company in the first couple of weeks, you are able to look outside your own profession. This helps you in your own profession as you are able to oversee dependencies towards other departments. Furthermore, as you will start the traineeship together with several others trainees, you will have the opportunity to learn from each other as you will face similar difficulties and learning moments.

Moreover, through the trainings that are offered you become aware of your weaknesses but also your strengths. Being aware of these, and working on further improving them, has helped me to develop myself on a personal level. Developing myself on a personal level, helped me to become a better professional.

My advice to students applying to NN is that they are able to clearly identify their own strengths. Knowing your unique strengths and how these can be best applied in the work force is what is going to set you apart from the other applicants.

Finally, if you do make it, I still want to say is that the traineeship and your path in NN is really what you make of it yourself. Nevertheless, if you have the motivation, will and entrepreneurship good things will come.