Meet our finance colleagues ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

slide 1 of 2 Prashant Jarbandhan | Financial Accountant and a father to his younger brother 'I was a father figure to my brother, but also his best friend. I’ve always encouraged him to develop. He’s just become a father himself and I’m incredibly proud of him. My role as uncle gives me an extra incentive to get the best out of myself, to be the kind of uncle I want to be. Life is about trial and error and that’s something we know more than most. That’s why I’ve created a good safety net for myself and my family and friends play a very important part in it. But so do my colleagues at NN, who have now also become my friends.’   Read more​​​​​​​ Celine Chua | Finance Program Manager and a world explorer ‘The drive to keep on discovering is a common thread in my life. I’ve always travelled a lot and I absolutely love learning about other cultures. I come from Singapore, but one of my favourite cities is Hong Kong: chaotic, mysterious and full of energy. It’s perfect for explorers like me. I moved to the Netherlands for love. It was a difficult step, but I saw it as an adventure. A new and inspiring world opened up to me. Fortunately, I still have a lot of contact with my family and we see each other about three times a year. And, besides, discovery can also be found in smaller things. I’m curious and like to try new things, whether it’s a recently opened restaurant or a new sport.’  Read more​​​​​​​ Alex Verdoorn | Business Process Manager and a people person ‘For me, the glass is always half full: I look for opportunities, not obstacles. I get a huge kick out of getting people on board and making improvements in a difficult process. NN focuses on people, exactly as I do. I realised this when shortly after starting at NN my mother died. NN gave me all the time I needed to organise everything and to process my grief. It was genuinely heart-warning how this was handled. It immediately have me a sense of engagement with and loyalty to NN and my colleagues.’   Read more​​​​​​​