img1 'NN is risen significantly in the ranking of favourite employers'

September 29, 2020

'We have risen by no less than 41 places'
This week, the online magazine Intermediair announced the 100 favourite employers of 2020. In the annual survey, we are now in 37th position. Compared to last year, we have risen by no less than 41 places. We also became number 2 in the Pensions & Insurers category. A result we are proud of!

In the generic top 50 and number 2 in the industry
Every year Intermediair examines the ambitions, motives, wishes and expectations of highly educated people. More than 4,880 highly educated Dutch people were asked 'where do you want to work?'. This results in an overview of the 100 most favourite employers. Shell, KLM and Google top this list. This year we have made a big leap; from 78 to 37. That means that we have now entered the top 50. We are very happy with that.

In addition to the top 100, there is also an overview per industry. In the Pensions & Insurers category, we are now in 2nd position, leaving several competitors behind.

The top 100
Curious about the whole list? View the top 100 here (it’s in Dutch).

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