• What do you like most in your job?
There are always new challenges working in IT. Sometimes it’s almost detective work, figuring out why something is happening, searching for clue’s and gathering evidence. It can be very rewarding when eventually you find what you are looking for and solving the issue. Next to the daily tasks the issues that arise are something that make every day or week unique, you almost never know what is going to happen.

• What does an average working day look like for you?
In the morning I always start with answering emails and performing some daily tasks like reports I need to make or information I need to provide. After that it time to check with my interns and discuss the goals we need to complete that day. Depending on the schedule I either help the interns with their work or start with any other work I still have to do like investigating issues that need solving or working on request that involve the laptop migration project. Around 12:00 it’s time for lunch, I usually go outside with some colleagues and get something nice to eat. During the afternoon I often have a meeting or 2 to attend and continue with the work I started in the morning.

• How many hours is your contract and how many hours do you work?
I have a contract for a 40 hour work week. As I am hired by NN IP as an external employee I usually do not work more than those 40 hours. And when I do make some overtime on one day, I compensate for it on another day.

• Where did you go on vacation last year and what do you think is the best way to take a vacation?
Last summer I visited Croatia for 2,5 weeks. Croatia is the home country of my girlfriend and is an excellent holiday destination: warm weather, nice food and drinks and not very expensive.
The best way to spend a vacation in my opinion is to leave home so you can unwind completely and really take some rest from work and the daily life.

• How long have you been working at NN and what was your first job?
I’ve been working at NN IP for 3 years now, in 4 different functions. I started as a software packager and did this for little more than 1,5 years. Then I helped a few months on a project to migrate our storage to another solution (SharePoint Online and OneDrive) by performing an inventory of our current storage and figuring out what challenges we will face with the migration. After that I was asked to replace an colleague who was leaving the company as 2nd line support engineer and within a few months was also asked to take the responsibility to coordinate the laptop migration project. For almost 9 months I fulfilled both functions while training a colleague to replace me as the 2nd line support engineer. Since august of 2017 I finally could focus on the laptop migration project completely.

• What kind of manager / colleague are you?
I am pretty informal, and like to make jokes about everything. On the other hand I can be pretty strict in keeping things tidy and organized, especially when it comes to our hardware administration. Furthermore I like to work hard and fast, I do not like slacking on the job. Or as they say in Rotterdam: “niet lullen, maar poetsen”.