Why did you start working at NN?
I was looking for graduate programs to start my professional career, after my master is ended. I found NN Group traineeship program online. It was interesting and attractive since it was one of the few traineeship program in the Netherlands, which accepts international and English speaking graduates.
It was a great opportunity to start my career as a IT management trainee in well-respected international financial institution

What do you like most in your job?
What I like the most, possibility of continuous innovation and working with great colleagues. On top of it, I have great flexibility to introduce new technologies and solutions in my work environment. As a trainee, I have a change to work with other trainees within the company and improve myself with personal and professional trainings.

What is the most inspiring workplace for you?
For me, inspiring workplace comes with inspiring colleagues. When you have the most diversity (culture, background, personality) in your team, you have the most inspirational working environment.
Finally, instead of working in rooms or boxes, I like mindset of having “open-space and open-collaboration” policy in NN.

What is the biggest challenge in your job?
Since Robotics and AI are relatively recent technologies and not many best practices and guidelines are available in the field, I learn how to build creative and efficient centre of excellence department with my colleagues on the job. Moreover, learning curve is steep. I gain knowledge and experience in a short time, how to build robots process automation, how to improve business processes within Finance department and so on.

How would you describe the culture at NN?
Diversity and open mindset are the key culture aspects of the people working at NN.
Next to that our values “Clear, Care, Commit” is embraced by all employees and reflected in their works. We value each team members opinion to set-up clear objective to work altogether in harmonious way.