What do you like most about your job?
Most of my time is spent taking the annoying and inefficient parts of peoples jobs and help them improve them. Also working with smart and experienced technical people to achieve even more improvements. This means I need to be creative and think out of the box and work with many different people. I really enjoy the process of continuously improving our processes and adding value.

How long have you been working at NN and what was your first job?
A long time ago I worked in a shop which sells camera’s, computer and other electronics where I was a salesman and product specialist. Although I enjoyed parts of the job I did feel there was more for me to do. After several different jobs within the asset management industry I finally found my way to NN. After years within the recon team in Transaction Processing I slowly transitioned into a change role.

What can a new colleague expect from you?
Questions need to be answered and we will always work to make sure peoples curiosity is rewarded and encouraged. It’s really important to me that people get the opportunity to learn and improve while they add value to the teams.

How is the culture within the department?
We are a small team in the Transaction Processing Department that is very international and diverse. On a daily basis we work with all levels of the department from Intern to senior manager where everyone is approachable and works towards the same goal. Although there are tight deadlines and we all work hard there is also time for a joke.

What is the biggest challenge in your job?
As a new team, we have a lot of challenges but I think the single biggest one is communication. Not just to one individual or a presentation but continuously being transparent and predictable to the people around us.  Stakeholders in different countries and different roles at different levels in our organization all need to have the information they require to do their job. Doing our job well means we deliver results and people know when they will be delivered and what they can expect.