How many hours is your contract and how many hours do you work?
Working for me and presence in the office is important. It provides consistency and predictability, the opportunity to hone your skills and the provides the opportunity to collaborate directly with colleagues.
Be present for the right reasons, not to impress your boss, but to practice your craft and deliver a quality product.

With which colleague do you most often drink a bottle / wine / beer?
I like to go for drinks with the younger generations. In particular people I mentor or manage.
They have a thirst for learning (no pun intended) and some of the best discussions on work occur over a beer.
I also discover many new technologies and ways of doing things that I would not adopt automatically, such as Uber and various apps that are on the market.

What function do you have outside your job?
Father of two small children and official ironing man. This is not Iron man, but Ironing man.

How long have you been working at NN and what was your first job?
I have been at NNIP as a Program manager or IT department manager for 5 years.
My first job was as a support consultant at a Financial software company in Australia.
I discovered that I really enjoyed discovering the root cause of a software issues (bugs) and assisting the developer to fix it as quickly as possible for the clients.
This desire to ‘get to the bottom of things’ remains strong today and underpins almost everything I do.

What can a new colleague expect from you?
A colleague or intern can expect a manager that is focused, detailed, accurate, demanding but fair and enjoys a joke and a laugh.
An intern will learn most importantly a way of working, gain insights into a way of thinking and how to deliver value for the organization.