How long have you been working at NN and what was your first job?
It is quite unusual nowadays, but I have been with the company for over 20 years now. And NN (then still ING) was my first employer. I have had the opportunity to work in various departments and functions. I started at as a portfolio manager in a department that does not exist anymore: Regional Management Europe. It was responsible for overseeing the portfolio management of the Insurance portfolios in Europe outside of The Netherlands. Other departments I worked for are: Institutional Clients, Global Fixed Income, Structured Products and Third Party LDI.

What do you like most in your job?
That it is challenging, not a day is the same, nor does it usually turn out the way I had it planned. And as a manager, I very much rely on my team to get the job done. It is great to work with people from various international backgrounds. People that accomplish ambitious targets as a result of excellent teamwork.

With which colleague do you most often drink a bottle / wine / beer?
Hahaha, that is a tough one, because there are several colleagues I regularly have beers with, but if I have to pick one, it is Ivan. As a true Bulgarian he is always in for a beer or two after work! I think it is actually very important for the team spirit to organize after-work team events, in whatever shape of form. When you are working hard it is key to also unwind with your colleagues now and then, it builds stronger relationships and releases potential tensions.

What is the biggest challenge in your job?
Keeping all balls in the air at the same time. There are so many deliverables and projects with ambitious deadlines that need to be kept on track. In addition, in my job I have to deal with different personalities that all have different needs. Aligning these to achieve a common goal can definitely be a challenge!

How is the culture within the department?
It is very open and diverse, I love that. There is an atmosphere of team spirit and a hardworking can-do mentality. Everybody is always prepared to help out and to share their knowledge with other members of the team. Everything we do is geared towards satisfying our customers in the best way we can, continuously seeking to improve our own performance.