Why did you start working at NN?
Graduating from my MSc, I was interested in gaining experience in a role in the financial sector so I was researching companies in the industry. When I noticed there was an internship vacancy in NN’s Investment Reporting and Performance Measurement department I started looking into the position and in general into company’s website. Reading about NN’s strategy, ambition and vision as well as its culture and values made me see that this internship is an attractive opportunity and that I could be a good fit in such an organization. Later, the interview experience was very pleasant. I was surprised by the warm and personal approach of my future colleagues and I was enthusiastic to hear about the description of the role so it was easy for me to accept the internship offer immediately.

How long have you been working at NN and what was your first job?
I have been working for NN for two years now. I started as an intern and a couple of months through my internship there was a new investment reporting analyst vacancy. Already in my first months in the company I was really enjoying the working environment and I was confident that I could take up more responsibilities as an analyst in the department. After showing my interest for the position and some selection discussions, this turned out to be my first full-time job and still my current role in NN.

What do you like most in your job?
What I enjoy in my job in that every day I get to learn something new from my tasks. NN’s institutional clients keep challenging the reporting analysts with their requests and questions which are getting more and more sophisticated and interesting.  Also, I often get the opportunity to work closely with several departments in the company such as sales, relationship managers, investment specialists, IT and so on and therefore meet and get exposure to different parts of the organization. Last but not least, the team is at the center of many innovations, including having our very own Robot to take care of some of our tasks!

What kind of growth opportunities are there at NN?
Working in NN enables me to learn, grow and develop myself both professionally and personally. This comes not only from the challenges of every day work and from working with all the different stakeholders but also from the different types of trainings opportunities offered by NN. We get to build a personal career plan and follow a variety of relevant courses or trainings to achieve our goals. On top of that, there are initiatives like “lunch & learn” sessions, strategy updates, interactive presentations and discussions concerning industry trends, innovations or personal development matters to promote employees to invest in our personal development and professional skills.

How is the culture within the department?
I feel that the culture in the department is in line with NN’s culture and Care, Clear and Commit values. People in the team care not only for the client needs but also about their colleagues. We are “clear” through open communication. Everyone is easy to approach and can feel comfortable to share their ideas and thoughts regardless of their position given the open and inclusive culture of the organization.  Finally, we always do our best to act responsibly and with integrity when servicing NN’s clients and when working with each other.