On Friday, 11 October 2019, we put on a welcome breakfast for interns who had started in September/October. It was a successful event held in the bar of Nationale-Nederlanden in the Haagse Poort building.

The aim was to show the interns how the Internship office could help them during their internship and to give the interns a chance to get to know one another so that they can call on one another if necessary. Lisa de Koning, an intern at the Internship office, explained briefly how the office could help during the internship and Bianca, the intern coordinator, introduced herself as a point of contact for interns.




Amrit Baboeram, former Management Trainee at NN Bank, made the meeting interactive. He spoke about his time as a trainee at NN and about his current job. He challenged the interns to talk more about what they hoped to gain from their internship and about their future vision. This sparked a great session.

Finally, the interns had the opportunity to chat and to get to know one another better. They changed tables regularly to find out more about each other and to swap information. It was a fun, interactive breakfast that we look back on as a successful event.