At NN we want to make financial services more personal and relevant for our customers. As an employer we want to attract and retain people who share this passion and commitment.  One way we do this is by having a traineeship to develop and to foster our future talent.

This year’s traineeship consists of 28 young talented people ready to make a difference. On the 3rd of September 2017, we welcomed 18 new NN trainees together with 10 new Delta Lloyd trainees. For 5 days, they had the opportunity to focus on NN’s strategy, purpose and values, delivered by our business leaders. Furthermore they focused on teambuilding and personal development.

During their introduction ‘You Matter’ week, Board members  Dorothee van Vredenburch and David Knibbe visited the trainees and shared their personal experiences with them. The trainees were taught about our values Clear, Care, Commit and were introduced to NN, the people and the way of working at NN. In the first part of the program they were involved  with topics ranging from our branch, customer experience, innovation, the integration between NN and Delta Lloyd to balance sheets and efficient & effective operations. The second part of the program took place in a wonderful location in the country side.  At the farm, Beter Boerenbed, the NN trainees formed their goals as trainees, did a lot of personal reflection and focused on their bonding as a group.

Their introduction week equipped them with the necessary knowledge and tools to kick off their career at NN. We expect them to take opportunities as they arise and solve problems that they encounter. In a rapidly changing world the trainees are ready for sustainable performances to deal with the demands and achieve their personal and professional goals. We wish them a great time at NN!