At NN we want to make financial services more personal and relevant for our customers. As an employer we want to attract and retain people who share this passion and commitment. One way we do this is to offer traineeships to up and coming leaders. Our latest traineeship – for insurance employees in the Netherlands – started at 1 September 2016 and consists of five tracks: general management, finance, risk management, IT and HR. The program will last three years in which trainees will fulfil two positions of 1.5 years.

Learning on the job will play a significant role in their development, and along the way they will receive support and feedback from a coach, a manager and/or an experienced senior enthusiastic to lend their knowledge. In addition, a talent manager will coach them in their personal and career development during the whole program.

Together the trainees will participate in a learning journey that will be centred around personal development, problem solving, insurance, change management, innovation and so on. The trainees will be allowed plenty of freedom and opportunities to shape the programme with their peers. We expect them to take opportunities as they arise and solve problems that they encounter.

During their second week the trainees had the ‘You matter’- introduction week with special meetings with board members Dorothee van Vredenburch and David Knibbe. They learned about what “You matter” means for NN. They were involved with topics varying from customers, balance sheet, products & services, and effective operations, as well as on topics such as personal excellence and coaching. The second part of the week took an athletic turn. At Sports Centre Papendal (the training location used by Dutch top sport athletes) the trainees participated in an intense development program where they learned how they can shape their development and come to top performance taking into account what truly matters to them.