On 4 and 7 June, NN hosted the NN Students’ Hackathons together with Haagse Hogeschool and Hogeschool Rotterdam. In total, over 50 students participated in the two hackathons, one each held at both schools.

Four hours of coding 
After a short introduction about NN and IT within NN by Amir Arooni, CIO NN Group, the competition started. During the four-hour coding programme, the students were challenged to use their coding knowledge to come up with new ideas for platforms, ecosystems or apps that would
 help NN deliver value to our customers. At the end of the hackathon, the teams pitched their idea and solution to the judges, who were all NN colleagues.

Winning ideas
From both Hackathons many interesting and new ideas were developed. In Rotterdam the winning team Bright ID’ came up with the innovative concept of insuring your online persona. In a time where being an ‘influencer’ is becoming a full-time job for an increasing number of people, this could be an interesting business opportunity for NN. In The Hague, team ‘NN for Life’ was declared the winner. This team created the concept for an application that helps our clients during moments of truth in life by offering structure and clarity in the form of standardised checklists. These checklists ultimately lead to the question of whether you already have the right level of insurance or if it is time to upgrade your insurance package.

Winners to join the International NN Hackathon on 26 and 27 September
As a reward, the winning teams received €750 for the team and another €750 that NN Group will donate on the team’s behalf to one of NN’s community investment partners. The winning teams got to choose between the LINDA.foundation, Stichting Jarige Job and Future NL. The winning teams chose to donate to Stichting Jarige JOB and Future NL. In addition, the three teams with the highest ratings are invited to join the International NN Hackathon on 26 and 27 September.

Innovative ideas and (IT) talents
Amir Arooni, CIO NN Group: ‘Being competitive as a business and delivering an excellent experience for customers means keeping pace in a challenging market. That’s why we need innovative ideas from experts, not only within but also outside of NN, and (IT) talents to help us in our ambition to accelerate NN’s transformation by improving today’s IT and building tomorrow’s digital differentiators. During the NN Students’ Hackathons, these elements were successfully brought together.’