Together with 25 other corporates, This year NN is joining the ICA Young Professionals of the Year competition in the Netherlands. Our team, which consists of Jan-Willem Stoffer, Linde Kok and Jelle Jansons, will try to bring home the title for NN.

The competition
This year’s competition consists of three events, spread over March, April and May. YPY 2017 is a team competition, in which teams of three young professionals from the same company collaborate and compete with teams from other companies for the title of Young Professionals of the Year 2017. The finals are on 13 May at the Nyenrode Business University in Breukelen.

This year’s theme
The 2017 theme for the Young Professionals of the Year award is ‘How will you act as a future leader in Organisation 4.0?’. Changes in our companies and in the world around us are following each other in an ever increasing pace. How can we keep up with this, while also doing our own jobs? What is happening around us, what is the impact of digitisation and changing forms of collaboration on organisations and what is the impact on us? Our team will have to figure out how they will help the organisation survive and thrive in these circumstances.

Our contestants
The 2017 YPY NN team consists of Jan-Willem Stoffer, Linde Kok and Jelle Jansons.

Jan-Willem has a background in finance, but decided to join NN as a General Management trainee. He is one of the founders of Brickler, our internal startup from NN Bank .


Linde has a background in marketing and finance and joined NN as an thesis intern in 2014. A year later, she joined the NN Group traineeship. She now works at CFO NN Life.


Jelle has a background in Business Administration and life insurance, but joined NN as a trainee in the Non-Life business. He recently switched to a position as Innovation Manager for NN Inkomen.


Follow the competition
Would you like to know more about the competition, or the organisation hosting it? Feel free to contact our contestants, check the organisation’s website, follow the competition on Facebook, or contact colleague Anne Greveling, who is involved in the organisation. This event is hosted by ICA (Inter Company Association), the affiliated youth company associations of the top 50 companies in the Netherlands. ICA serves as the main platform for exchanging knowledge and expanding its members network by bringing these youth company associations together and hosting various events.