SJJ 27102016


On the 27th of October there was a special team activity organized for all NN interns at Foundation Jarige Job. This foundation is supported by the NN Future Matters program. NN Future Matters is a programme that several society initiatives supports. It aims to empower people in the markets where we operate to support them in growing the economic opportunities (needed to overcome potential adversity and realise future goals).Many children celebrate their birthday in the company of their families, unwrapping presents and bringing treats to school to share with their friends. However, in the Netherlands alone 60,000 children are not able to celebrate their birthday due to the financial situation of their families. The ‘Jarige Job’ foundation wants all children to experience the joy of a birthday and thus it helps families celebrate the birthdays of their children by sending a ‘birthday box’. The box contains decorations, a cake mix, presents and treats that the children can hand out at school. In this way, the foundation alleviates  specific financial pressure and enables families to enjoy an important celebration, a concept NN fully supports.

On Thursday the interns gathered at the festive building of foundation Jarige Job, that is inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. After a short introduction in the story of the foundation and everything that they do, the interns got divided in two groups. The first group started working on filling the birthday boxes and the second group made treats for the kids to take to school. The birthday boxes are classified by age category and gender. Every age category has their own little ‘play house’ where you can find the presents for in the box. The boxes are filled with a lot of nice and fun things which makes the box a real celebration! De second group made bags full of treats, so that the kids can take something fun to school.

After one and a half hour of hard work there was a break, wherein all interns could feel like a kid again on the foundations ‘playground’. They could use the big slide, shoot balls with fake pistols or lounge on the seats made out of children’s books. After the break the two groups switched tasks and the last one and a half hour of working started.

It is a lot of fun to work an afternoon with your team at foundation Jarige Job. To pack the celebration boxes well and quick, you really need to work together. When the boxes are fully packed, a human sling is made and all boxes passed on to each other before putting it on the cart. The NN interns packed 120 birthday boxes in total for the children!

Jessica Burger