The 2nd international NN Hackathon took place on the 16th and 17th of November in Amsterdam. 150 NN engineers, from 8 different countries, formed 34 teams and worked 24 hours non-stop to come up with groundbreaking solutions to the challenges of our company. 

After last year’s success, Amir Arooni, together with our host Walter Vermeer, opened this challenging and fun day. In the opening, Amir emphasized that this event is meant to celebrate the craftsmanship of our technicians, to have fun, to make cool things and to show what IT can do to make life easier for our customers.  

After an intense 24 hours, hundreds of cups of coffee, endless matches of ping-pong, table football and countless lines of code, we are excited to announce team ‘Cloudbusters’ is the winner of the second International NN Hackathon. Team ‘Cloudbusters’ developed a concept that was perfectly in line with the challenge of working with new technologies to improve the customer or employee experience.


This event truly was a celebration of our craftsmanship, but most of all it was a fun experience. As one of the participants said: ‘I am completely worn out, but very happy to have been a part of the hackathon again’. Another participant stated: ‘If you believe in your product and your team, everything can be realised’. And this is what this hackathon was about: coming together, interact and create cool stuff to solve our customers’ problems. It was great to see how much the teams could achieve within one day, the uniqueness of the various concepts and most of all the feasibility of so many concepts. This was a great experience!