On Wednesday the 17th of October the second edition of the NN Experience Event took place. Interim professionals with a specialization in Marketing or Communication were invited to get to know NN better. Although NN is a well-known name, not everybody is aware of all the possibilities within our company. With the NN Experience Event we want to give independent professionals a good look at NN and hopefully make them enthusiastic to join us on an assignment.

 The independent professionals who attended the NN Experience Event described the night as inspiring, innovative, cool, competent, warm, fun and informative. In short a successful acquaintance with NN.

Why the NN Experience Event?
During the NN Experience Event we want to give a complete image of NN. Besides from a more general part, we also want to share more in-depth knowledge during breakout sessions. Of course we ended the night with network drinks where the independent professionals were able to get to know the recruiters, managers and other independent professionals.

During this MarCom edition we have shared our history and values, the international character of NN and we talked about Branding. We showed more about our sponsor activities regarding to the first professional running team in the world. The video about the Running Supporter touched everybody.

After a general opening the independent professionals had the possibility to choose one breakout session matching their specialization. During the session Strategic Internal&External Communication the topic of going public and what communication is needed at a moment like that was discussed. At the content creation from OHRA content strategies as the purple crocodile were shared and the session about Acquisition, Base Marketing and New Propositions gave some insight info about digital activities within NN. 

 During the closing moment we also talked briefly about the current assignments. We were able to match some of the professionals directly and one professional will start with us on an assignment which will be discussed together. But it doesn’t stop here. All the attendees will proactively be approached with the vacancies within the MarCom field.

What’s next?
We want to host multiple events a year, everytime focused on a different specialization. The first one up will be next year. Do you want to attend this one? Follow us on Linkedin or our careersite! You can also find our latest assignments here.