On the first of November, RightBrains launched a new knowledge and career platform for women in the digital sector. RightBrains refers to the right-hand side of the brain that controls our creativity and intuition. The goal of the knowledge and career platform is to inspire and to build a community for talented, highly skilled women with a passion for digital technology.

The platform was established to encourage female digital talent to join the digital professions and to move through the ranks. Nationale-Nederlanden is one of the supporters of the platform. Members can set up a profile on the new platform. Their profile links them to experienced digital specialists from a range of organisations. These specialists, or accelerators, act as discussion partners to inspire the members and give them an insight into the opportunities of a career in digital technology. The idea is that RightBrains offers an environment for inspiration and development. At the same time, it offers organisations the opportunity to connect with this unique target group via an online platform. Various digital colleagues at NN are also actively involved in this network, including Femke Jacobs, CIO of NN Hungary.

Yearly, RightBrains organises the CIAO-event. CIAO stands for creativity, intuition, agility and an open mind. Competencies that women can bring to the table. For an impression of the 2018 edition of the CIAO-event, watch the following video.

More information about the RightBrains platform and how to join can be found here.