Office detox
Friday, the 2nd of November, the NN Young Professionals Conference took place in the Penthouse in the Hague. This yearly conference is organized for all employees from NN younger than 35 years, (eventually around 200 colleagues attended). The theme of this year was Office Detox: how do you put your work into perspective?  Do we have a Fear of Missing Out? During the day there were several speakers and workshops related to this theme. The day was hosted by our enthusiastic colleague Rinus Verhart.

The conference was opened by Suzanne Jungjohann, HR Director of Nationale-Nederlanden. She talked about Digital Detox and explained how  to stay energized at work. She even showed us how she manages her agenda. While enjoying the view over The Hague from the 40th floor in the Penthouse, we were told more about the location of the Conference. Just before lunch, Ruben van Zwieten, known as pastor of the Zuidas, gave us some food for thought. He argued that we should be led more by our creative left part of our brain, rather than our rational right part.  He also mentioned poetry as the most important tool to enforce this part of the brain.

After lunch several workshops started. One of the workshops was led by  internal NN coaches and was about the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). What does it bring you and how can you deal with it? The result of these workshops were later displayed in the restaurant so that they could further be discussed. There were also three relaxation workshops of which everyone participated in two; Office Yoga (Relax & Restore), Gin Tonic Workshop (Drink & Learn) or the Silent Disco (Dance & Let Go). Because everyone participated in two of the three workshops, the participant could immediately apply the take-aways of the FOMO-workshop.


Inspiring words
After a small break there was a plenary part with two last speakers of the day. Satish Bapat, member of the Management Board and CEO of NNIP, passed by for a Q&A about his experiences during his career. He told us how he deals with work and stress, and shared some personal anecdotes  as well. Maarten van der Weijden closed the day and told about his mixed feelings about the life lesson of his father:  ‘You’re the master of your own destiny’. How can he became sick while he could determine his own future? Enough to talk about during the drinks, who started after Maarten’s story.

We asked our colleague Jetze what his thoughts of this day are:

“The NNYP Conference was fun and insightful. I recognized myself in the different subjects that were discussed like ‘the fear of missing out’, fulfillment in our work but also the personal experiences from leaders within our organisation and how they detox from work. Fun fact that the day was literally an office detox. There was a silent disco, gin tonic tasting and a cool party to close the day! An amazing day where I also met a lot of new colleagues.” Jetze Meijer


The NNYP Conference is eminently the perfect occasion to meet new colleagues while enjoying the walking diner. Afterwards we danced late into the night and we can look back over a fruitful and fun day.