JINC believes that every student deserves an equal chance on the job market, and has the goal of helping young people make conscious and wise decisions about their future study choices and career orientation. Our collaboration with JINC perfectly aligns with NN Future Matters, NN’s community investment programme. Through Future Matters, we use our resources, expertise and reach to empower people in the markets where we operate. We try to improve their financial wellbeing, and to support them in growing their economic opportunities, so they can realise their dreams and overcome adversity.

Voluntering options for employees

One of the JINC programmes we support is the Career Coach programme. Through this programme, NN employees coach students to make informed study choices. The Career Coach programme helps students in the fourth year of high school (vmbo) to make career choices. Most students find it difficult to think about the future and to link their goals to a study programme. This is where the NN Career Coach can help. In conversations with the students, the Career Coaches discover their strengths and interests, and help them gain insights into their choices and options.

Watch the movie of student Yahia and Career Coach Gerry to be inspired about the programme.