On 14 March 2018, more than 300 colleagues joined Jez Humble’s keynote session in The Hague. One of the greatest digital influencers of our time, Jez shared his thoughts on how to adopt the DevOps way of working. According to Jez, in the journey of digital transformation, culture is key.

Culture of experimentation
In his presentation, Jez stressed the importance of growing a culture of experimentation. ‘A culture can be changed by changing behaviour. To achieve big changes, you have to start small’, he said. His advice is to start in small teams, with a small scope and visible goals, deliver frequently and practice making mistakes, for that is how you keep learning. To make this work, leaders must make it cheap, quick and safe to run these experiments. ‘You don’t have to wait for a brave new world to come to start these changes; you can start where you are’, Jez said.
His recipe to become a High IT Performance company:
•    Agree and communicate measurable business goals
•    Give teams support and resources to experiment
•    Collaborate and learn from each other (talk to other teams)
•    Keep going, keep learning, fail quickly (not catastrophically)

It was Jez’s second visit to NN. Jez: ‘I was here a year ago. It was great to come back and see all the amazing stuff that had happened while I’ve been gone:
organisational changes, process changes. So, I think a lot of amazing work has been done, and that was great to see.’

Build IT, Run IT, Love IT and Own IT
Amir Arooni, CIO NN Group was happy to welcome Jez to The Hague: ‘It is important to have thought leaders such as Jez inspire us in our journey of digital transformation. Last year in January, Jez visited us as well. It was great to share with him that we have made some big steps since then. Around 68 teams throughout the central CIO organisation and more than this in IT of our business units have adopted the new way of working, collaboration is visibly improving, and we are building our craftsmanship by learning every day. I am very proud of what we have achieved so far. And we are moving forward together by building, running, loving and owning it.’

To get an impression of Jez’s visit to NN, watch the video below.