A recent issue of the Financieel Dagblad – the Netherlands’ premier financial newspaper – landed on doorsteps. It contained a list of the Top 50 Young Entrepreneurial Talents of 2017. Candidates had to be 35 years old or younger. They had to have differentiated themselves with surprising and innovative ideas. They were required to have delivered at least one demonstrable accomplishment. And they couldn’t yet have an established name in the industry. One of the 50 selected talents was Jan Willem Stoffer, Management Trainee at Nationale-Nederlanden.

Buy a house effortlessly

Together with his colleague, Hans Buursink, Jan Willem developed Brickler. Brickler is an NN Bank start-up, whose aim is to drastically simplify the process of buying a home. The handy Brickler app helps users every step of the way. From finding their dream home to finalising their mortgage online. Brickler is geared towards Millennials (aged 25-35). This target group is accustomed to effortlessly booking hotel rooms on Booking.com or arranging a taxi with Uber. Brickler aims to be the first app to bring this effortless experience to the world of home buying.

At the moment, a closed group of 50 users are trying out the app and providing their feedback. The feedback will be used to further improve Brickler. The beta version of the app is expected to be available in the Apple App Store and on Google Play in March.

Jan Willem Stoffer