84 percent of the (digital) IT’ers are men, according to recent research by Eurostat. A figure that makes it clear that the (digital) it sector is still a man’s world. To change this, RightBrains published a career guide at the end of October 2017. RightBrains is a knowledge and career platform for women in the digital field. This career guide contains several  inspiring stories of female role models who are employed in digital information technology. We are very proud, because our colleague Femke Jacobs is one of these role models. Are you curious why she chose a career in digital technology and what her advice is for young women who are considering a technical career? Read the Rightbrains interview with Femke Jacobs here.

RightBrains in short  
RightBrains refers to the right half of the brain that is about our creative and intuitive competences. RightBrains aims to inspire and to build a community for talented, highly educated women with a passion for digital technology.

Do you want to view the complete career guide? Click here to download a free copy.